When a starry-eyed Miley Cyrus confessed that she is pansexual, people around the world sat up and paid attention. Well, perhaps not everyone! But there were quite a few who wanted to read between the lines and understand the term ‘pansexuality’ through a boarder perspective.

In a world grappling with gender issues and inequality against the LGBT community, pansexuality emerges as a new hope. The term in itself alludes to an individual being sexually, emotionally and spiritually attracted to a person belonging to any gender or sex. Pansexuality has challenged the accepted norms of falling in love and is a concept so simple and wonderful that I’m surprised no one really spoke about in the open before Miley.

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In the larger sphere of life, pansexuality is gaining prominence as we speak. However, fashion is waking up to pansexuality rather slowly. There is an enduring relation between pansexuality and androgyny in the present times. Both aren’t the same thing, although both share a mutual affinity towards gender fluidity. Pansexuality in fashion is more about openness, in my opinion. The Openness to explore, probe and question ones sexuality is at the core of this. The concept is as liberating as androgyny, and I see pansexuality creeping into fashion steadily.

Stepping into someone’s shoes might not be as challenging as stepping into someone’s skirt! Perhaps, Jaden Smith doesn’t think mind much, considering his fondness for skirts. His take on gender fluidity is both enduring and effective!

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When Galliano’s gender-fluid models walked down the runway for the SS16 women’s show, I felt this was the moment the fashion world had been waiting for! The glossy eye-make up, the pleasantly tinted lips, the bouffant hairdo and ornaments that dazzled; Galliano’s men were decked up to impress and embrace gender-fluidity.

You can say that being pansexuality in fashion also stresses on the fact that it is okay to wear the blazered look of a man to office instead of your formal dresses. It’s a concept that strives to give freedom and expression to your thought and decisions. Just like loving a transgender or someone belonging to your sex is not considered a taboo, wearing clothes that are considered to be menswear is nothing offensive.

The idea is to love being in your own skin and loving others in theirs.

Guest post by: Mallika Chakrawarti

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