_dsf4008-edit_dsf4105-edit_dsf3909-edit_dsf3946-edit_dsf3937-edit_dsf3987-edit_dsf4205-edit_dsf4172-editdsf4142-edit-finalLost in thoughts, I often scribble on a blank page, doodle art on my arm or of somebody sitting right next. Letting your mind create characters subconsciously has always been a fun way of expression.
In my case, non-sensical humour.

On those ideas that I may have laughed then, begin to make sense when put together in some perspective. In light of similar emotions of instinct, invent and playfulness,  I instantly connected with the spirit of Doodlage.

Quite known for innovative designs and fun layers, Doodlage is re-constructing and re-cycling good quality industrial waste and deadstock to make fashion not just chic, but also eco-friendly.
They stitch the torn and revive a dead; an act equally challenging and thought-full to the core. No two garments have same raw materials used, which makes every story unique and personal. Wearing these garments is like a jig-saw puzzle solved in beautiful sustainable fabrics.

Handcrafting such exclusive designs is not as effortless as the silhouette of the end-product. Days of workmanship and precision to make things that last a really long time.

As I learnt more about the process, I worked around with various looks keeping the outfit unaltered as they were naturally crafted. I decided to step out, play and embrace our natural elements – air and earth.
Much like a kid,  more aware about the surroundings with undefined love for experimentation ; I whirled around to feel the breeze and strayed bare feet. Shades of the garments blended with the environment and created a character of their own.

As intriguing it may get, the responsiveness and awareness of it all comes from reconnecting to the roots, by narrating the forgotten fables and collecting the natural treasures.
The question remains – are we willing to unlearn the lies, and revive what is worth a second life?


Collaboration supported by Virja Shah, founder of Kit & Caboodle, who curates an ongoing story of our rich textiles, unique designs and free spirited styles from niche designers pan India. She’s coming up with some unusual finds, yet again, at The Autumnal Equinox, 13.10.16.

Doodlage will be exclusively available in Ahmedabad at The Autumnal Equinox. Come around to deconstruct the stigmas, and redefine concepts of individuality.
Embark on this extraordinary journey where sustainability becomes mainstream!



  1. Sarah October 10, 2016 at 10:02 am

    That’s Nice!!!

    1. Ashima October 10, 2016 at 10:32 pm

      Thank you Sarah!


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