Overwhelmed and stunned by the artistry, beauty, possibilities and perfection of Japan, I found myself in a dire need to absorb and recapitulate the essence of it.

A state of perpetual fantasy where characters don’t speak the same language however manage to inspire and raise questions bigger than I could ever imagine. With introspection, came inspiration from all corners of the street.

Dressing up right and adding a personal quirk is an integral part of Japan street style fashion.

Customarily seen and heard in parts of Osaka is “Kawaii” which means cute.

What makes the outfit so kawaii is majorly the accessories where the colourful anime world takes over. Disney rules the slings, the socks, the bag accessories and umbrellas; not to forget the bows, the hello kitty power and coloured hair.

The clothes are styled minimal with layers of earthy shades of blue and white in pleated culottes. All this put together with happy faces and a tint of anime was my daily dose of cuteness overload. Yeah, Kawaii.

While Japan has more to offer than I can put down, I certainly lost my heart to the thousand year capital – Kyoto.

Dipped in authentic Japanese cultural experiences, I walked along the streets of Gion, Ponto-cho where people wore their culture with pride in traditional Japanese clothing; Yukata and Kimonos.

Yukata and Kimono are both traditional Japanese clothing where the major difference is in their fabric. Yukata comes in cotton hence is a summer dress while Kimono comes in silk fabric and cannot be mass produced. The quality in craftsmanship makes Kimonos way more expensive in nature and prices. More often, it’s seen as an investment in tradition that one would pass to next generation.

Fascinated and intrigued about the Japanese history and traditional clothing, I started to spend mydays in the heart of the town where I spotted street style fashion in layers of colourful, floral, patterned Yukata. There was a significant characteristic in the outfits, accessories and in their polite mannerisms. I learnt about various shades of femininity which also drew my attention to their natural poise and simplicity in design.

The minimalism and softness made me grounded and allowed me to redefine my personal style and expression. With love and memories, I kissed Kyoto goodbye however the longing continues.



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