Psychosis as a matter of fact is the state of mind where one loses the contact with reality; a condition of delusions and impaired insight. This is scientific. Many might find it debatable and object it to be a sign of some mental disability or unstable condition. However, I believe it can also be embraced as a gifted ability to see the unknown and a long vision into the world of creativity.

This series is inspired by a story.
Caught viral, bedridden, perpetually dreaming on heavy dose of drugs meant to heal the weak body. I suppose, it was doing so. However, my mind was wandering in a free space, away from reality, amidst vivid visuals and uncalled clarity. In my deep sleep, I was connecting dots and collecting pieces of information so to give a form to what I was experiencing.

Surrounded by varied thoughts and shades of emotions absorbed all day long, in my sleep I often would interact and solve these puzzles. Here, I learnt that the source of creativity is deep within and the only way for me to survive is to just fearlessly paint my canvas with whatever colour I wake up with.
The morning was different.


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  1. Sarah September 8, 2016 at 5:33 am

    You writing is an immense form of expression


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