Festivity in air brings the sweetness of familiar nostalgia. Women begin to stroll around the market, picking up decorated lanterns, colors and flowers with their beautiful henna hands. The town shines though the mundane, setting up the mood for people of all ages.
During the day, I find myself following the high spirited vibe and at night I spend hours on my terrace watching the neighbourhood lit with lights of hope and celebration. Like always, a splendid view!

This year, while shopping and stocking up the kitsch decorative, I was looking through some of my favourite stores for exclusive Diwali outfit. I walked through bling, colors while I wished for something more subtle in taste. A surprise call ended all the worries and kind people of Vajor opened up their festive wardrobe for me. Vajor is a community of independent, mature and free spirited people who are nonconformists and driven individuals. As a brand, it brings international appeal and superior aesthetics together. Having an identity which is about being organic and rooted in its approach, there was no question about a better find for self expression and my festive mood.

Thrilled about the perfect outfit, I decided to play dress up and style the garments such that narrate the untold story of nostalgia and enhance the natural beauty of women. Going beyond race, color, and region, the simplicity and sustainability blended with the sweet fragrance of marigold, brought back a lot of great memories. How girls watch their mother dressing up in their cultural best and silently wish to grow up soon to look as pretty as her. Well, can’t say I was any different.
Such memories and aesthetics seen and admired so long when revived in contemporary silhouette give a new dimension to history or our vivid imagination.

In my new festive character, I quietly let femininity and longing take over.


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