Reuniting a family of Nool lovers who believe in things handwoven, practical and beautiful in every sense of the word. Thoughts, emotions, and care threaded together by hands of the artisans of the vast land of south India. The garments resonate with the dew on the leaf after the first monsoon shower. They capture the earthy scent and vibe of the land where they are handwoven with love.

Kattam means ‘checks’ in Tamil. The collection is about perception, instinct and imagination of a modern day women – not stuck in the shackles, in boxed environment. Boundaries don’t exist for her, they don’t matter. Her thoughts are meant to liberate herself and other around her.

The woman is curious about her roots and what all the land has given to her. She observes, she learns and ponders over the artistry of the cloth making. Fabric is dyed, sunbathed and constructed with hands. She sits and watches her world being crafted beautifully by skilled craftsmen and artisans at work. It brings her back memories of constructing little colourful dresses for her doll.

Relaxed in her thoughts, feeling a sweet comfort in her clothes, she wonders – In modern and  progressive time, when we are leaving, adopting, discarding various old and new ideologies, a lot of answers come through by revisiting the roots. While the land continues to be the same, it may just offer what you seek from it.

Styling and creative direction by Ashima Gandhi | Photography by Ayush Gupta| MUA by Rohit Singh|
Face Harleen kaur | Wardrobe Nool By Hand


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