rencontres musulmanes en france

click Taoism is a lot about following the natural course of things. The natural rhythm of winter is to hibernate and a woman had been giving herself a full liberty to move with the rhythm. To go slow, produce less, spend more time pondering and watching things change – season, moods, habits and clothes. Away from the joys of matrimony, parties and carnivals, she’s entertained by the mundane.

premarin sales data A house is amazing,
Elements of surprise in the inanimate objects inside the four walls.
Today like yesterday and tomorrow like today;
Caught in the cyclone of monotony.
No rules and no fears,
The careless and oblivious,
Curious about the absurdities of the game. Alone in the midst of strange voices,
Another unvaryingly exciting interaction.
Misunderstood and labelled,
To infinity and beyond, a deadly sin. In solitude of a quiet life,
rescued by an uncompetitive friend.
Day after day, in maze of monotony,
This isolation she calls home.


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  1. Priyadarshini April 19, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    go here Most of the time, I don’t get fashion. But I get what you’re doing. And I love the socks


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