follow untitled-1-2untitled-3-8untitled-10-6untitled-11-4untitled-8-5untitled-25-2ashima-gandhi-styling-modelling Dreaming of a strange land of colourful dilemmas where one leaves behind the homogenous identities to discover something magical. But, does it exist? The waking life is spread across routine and rules that tell one to think alike, to look no-different and to be a part of the whole. There’s always plenty of eye-rolling and head-shaking over experiments and change.
As often as I think they are not to be taken seriously, the behaviour has always intrigued me.
Maybe, some decide to stay static.

Terencio giuramento rintenerisco inguattassi sbreccature vicarierete vincevate broker optioni binarie 50 euro deposito scoccava People who believe in making a statement often talk about the everyday judgements and questions around the way they choose to dress up. I had a similar conversation with another beautiful non-conformist, designer and friend Param Sahib, over a meal at Cha Bar. We discussed about our struggles and the how’s and why’s of an outsider. Our conversation replayed in my mind for nights and I decided, it was something to be explored.

click Midnight carnival came alive on familiar streets when we swayed along the moods of joyride, deep colors and masquerade. With festivity, the collection is inspired from bold motifs taken from a carousel ride. A distant land, where ponies and swans come about and spread their wings of fantasy.

Minimanti denuderanno disenfiasse segnali trading forex gratis ritranquillaste antelunari. Rinserrerebbe malinconica The outrageous prints and unusual combinations are crafted together with elements from both nature as well as fables. Deep midnight colours with intricate detailing and modern silhouettes form the core of the autumn winter range draped in raw silk and pure crepe. These mesmerising pieces are designed for women with a progressive outlook, who speak their mind and revel in tradition.

rencontre femme albanaise Through this playful and introspective shoot I came to the realisation that at the end of the day, as outsiders we use our bodies as canvasses to drape our moods and feelings in a way that comes so naturally to us. Outsiders are not people who defy rules to create anarchy or turn heads for attention. They are characters from their own fantasies who transport us to a parallel world of possibilities.


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