Bylanes Of Bombay

After a decade, a revisit to the city and all it’s beauty in the middle of chaos. I had faint memories of looking through the window as the aircraft rushed towards the runway. An extraordinary view of slums and skyscrapers behind a humble life. As much as the contrast is visual, it reflects on the realities of my country and the capacity of our land. Interestingly, not much had changed.

I had a few days in Bombay and my schedule was packed. I would be mostly in an Uber running around for meetings or getting stuck in the traffic. When I looked out of the window, I would envy people sitting by the beach, a woman jogging with the headphone and lovers making out in the corner (possibly the most accessible spot). I would start to feel claustrophobic locked up in a cab. As much as the bollywood music from 90’s was refreshing for my ear, I wanted to jump right out and into the ocean.

As they say, what you seek is seeking you; I guess it called for me. Somehow I woke up at dawn and with sleepy eyes decided to walk around the fishing village in Worli for the most colourful houses. Shades of orange, blues and much spotted color theory in the architecture and design sensibilities of the town. The everyday mundane began with women walking towards vegetable hawkers with towel tucked in wet hair, men reading regional newspaper at tapri with a glass of cutting chai and little kitten purring in the arms of granny.
The place had an uncanny feel of susegad life of Goa.

It was a sudden switch from the madness I was living through the past few days. I feel I romanticise the mundane in my own way as it’s often overshadowed by our calculated achievements, an insatiable desire for better and watching life through a wide lens over details.

Bombay is generous with space, warm at heart and a delight to befriend.
Again, up in the air, ready to travel back home, I stopped for a moment and looked down; I saw a city with an unimaginable passion for their dreams and an unfathomable spirit to survive.

And, tomorrow if I am tired, I know where to go.

Outfit and styling by Ashima Gandhi | Photography by Devansh Jhaveri


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