Bias, as an individual and as a collective is a statement we make whether for or against; and is a mere reflection of our time, culture and the way we think. It’s an opinion which is either borrowed or evolved.
Our own biases speak volumes about ours beliefs and perspective.

Is it right? Is it wrong? Who is to judge?

When I first heard about the fashion label BIAS, I was much intrigued by the name and mystery attached to it. I looked at the garments befuddled but with a straight face. They rang a bell!

A familiarity of my Grandma’s knits and untamed & unabashed pride in imperfection; as if they were designed to ask a simple question – WHY NOT? I have always been abstracted and unaware of the world that demands perfection and believed that there is a pressing need to create a noise and distortion in our flawless fashion and cultural sphere.

So, when I wore Bias, I felt secure and understood. Undone, unkept and unafraid side of me jumped right out. As secluded and as detached, we designed our own space with a string of emotions and obliviousness.
Our world was raw, our clothes were genderless, our thoughts were free and our choice was sustainable. There was romance in boredom and clarity in silence.

When you choose solitude and disconnection to reflect on all the madness that we live through every day, you either revolt or withdraw. And, when those who question the biased eyes and the eyes that are wide shut about gender, intimacy, suppression, perfection and beliefs; they innocently remind us of our natural existence.

Is it right? Is it wrong? In the end, it’s just a mirror.


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