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Fontainhas, an old quarter in the portuguese shade of Panaji, has always been one of my secret escapes in Goa. I would often spend my evenings walking in the narrow streets with the deep-coloured European style homes, watching a Goan granny playing violin, and with friendly stray kittens.

It might have been one of those strange wondrous coincidences, for the vibrant and passionate team of Bhane invited me to be a part of their summer look-book in the same portuguese quarter.

I was delighted to meet the young minds behind the brand that redefined and revolutionised street fashion with   simplicity and need based clothing.

Generally, I won’t really call myself a denim person however the soft breathable fabric, quality, and the wide range of crop tops, created a whole new denim-in-summer experience.

We bonded so well and the team welcomed my ideas and outfit choices. And, here I was again, in my personal style – the turban, the head wrap and crazy hair let loose.

We created looks with slim denims in different style and moods where our decisions were not limited to outfit or choosing the right sun glasses and we spent time in selecting the right wall and colour to play the rhythm we all were in that afternoon.

I spent a day with the talented designers where I learnt more about the philosophy and design sensibilities of the brand. You live simply while they take care of individualistic and fun ways to sport ready to wear styles.

We sat for a cup of coffee and cookies where we talked about Goan life, our journey and inspirations.

Later, Bhane published my story in their infamous blog. And, I am humbled and proud to be friends-of-bhane.

Special thanks to team of Bhane.

Photography by Nishant Shukla.


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