Stray Style is my visual journal, a stray cat’s fashion adventures and stray thoughts. The inspiration behind it has been majorly street fashion across the globe and Mayonnaise, the cat.

It’s a voice of true fashion inspiration I find while straying and a look-book of my style experiments and individualistic expression.

Born in Delhi, after my bachelors from SRCC and two years of experience in the Big 4 industry, I moved to Goa. It’s only in Goa where I found my home, and where it all began. I Co-founded the fashion collective, RATI with a dear friend based in Goa. What followed was a string of collaborative projects with artists and brands as fashion stylist.

I was working as Fashion PR for Jabong.com until recently when I  decided to quit to create, travel and collect sparkles from various corners of the streets and parts of the world.

With my entrepreneurial skills, creativity and experiential learning, sprinkled with personal aesthetics and love; I aim to share my perspective on possibilities in the world of beauty.

Watching my cat run made me learn to live like someone left the gate open. Just go for it!